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US immigration requirements for nonimmigrant visitors

British Columbia residents who plan trips south of the border as tourists, to visit family, for medical treatment, conventions, amateur sports, social activities or other nonimmigrant purposes might have many questions. Getting answers before crossing the border could avoid potential problems. The required visa type, eligibility, questions that border agents might ask and which supporting documents to have along with other U.S. immigration-related matters might need clarification.

The required visa type is the B-2 visitor’s visa, and for eligibility, travellers will have to prove that their visits to the United States are of a temporary nature. They must show that they plan to stay for limited periods, after which they will return to their residences outside the United States. Furthermore, border agents would want to see that a tourist has sufficient funds to cover his or her travel and accommodation expenses.

Even travellers who meet all the requirements to be eligible for a B visa must first obtain clearance through the consular office or U.S. embassy. Such an application requires the completion and submission of appropriate forms. Also, a valid passport must be presented, and an application fee will have to be paid. Once they cross the border, tourists must fill out departure and arrival forms, have their documentation verified and submit to being interviewed and having luggage inspected.

All this could seem daunting, but help is available. An experienced U.S. immigration lawyer in British Columbia can answer questions and assist with the navigation of the necessary steps to obtain the applicable visa. Legal counsel can be an invaluable asset that could make the border crossing a smooth process.