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US immigration: Simplify border crossings with a Nexus Card

Many Vancouver residents are frequent travellers to Seattle or other cities south of the border. Dealing with the intricacies of U.S. Immigration laws during border crossing can add hours to each trip. To limit the delays, anyone in British Columbia can apply for a Nexus Card, which makes travel between Canada and the United States a whole lot easier.

A Nexus Card is not a passport but a document that makes the holder a trusted traveller. It serves as proof of citizenship and identity and eliminates the need for background checks and fingerprints. Along with quicker border crossings, some of the perks of carrying a Nexus Card include access to the TSA PreCheck program that eases airport security, and the holder can travel on border lakes without having to obtain a boat pass.

Applying for a Nexus Card involves completing an online registration process, which is followed by personal interviews with border officials of both Canada and the U.S., at which time, fingerprints will be taken. During the six to eight weeks between the registration and the interviews, background checks will be completed. The cost of a Nexus Card is reasonable, and children under the age of 18 are added free, making travelling with children much more affordable.

Obtaining a Nexus Card could be a challenging process, but the advantages make the process worthwhile. The process can be simplified with the support and guidance of a Vancouver lawyer who has experience in dealing with U.S. immigration matters. The lawyer can assist with the online registration and any administrative and legal proceedings that will follow.