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U.S. immigration still allows employment visas from Canada

Many British Columbia residents have planned for years to work in the United States. However, now that the time has come, laws have changed, and the whole process of U.S. immigration seems an unattainable dream. Fortunately, Canadians can still accept jobs in the United States — as long as rules are followed and the applicable documents are obtained.

There are three types of immigration documents that can allow a British Columbia resident to work in the United States, depending on whether you are applying for permanent or temporary authorization. These include a Green Card or Permanent Resident Card, a work permit or Employment Authorization Document and an applicable visa that is employment related which will allow the holder to accept a job at a particular company. Different requirements apply to each of these documents, and noncompliance may lead to removal from the United States and denied re-entry.

Workers entering the United States are classified in different categories. Nonimmigrant or temporary workers are those who seek to enter for specific periods and the activities for which the work permits and visas were issued. Immigrant or permanent workers are authorised to remain in the United States and accept permanent positions.

Then there are exchange visitors and students who must obtain special permission from a Designated School Official or a Responsible Officer to work during their stay in the United States. Individuals who want to enter the United States as a temporary business visitor have an entirely different process to go through. Any British Columbia resident who wishes to work in the United States on a temporary or permanent basis will benefit from consulting with a cross-border U.S. immigration lawyer who is up-to-date with recent changes in immigration laws.

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