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U.S. Immigration: Travel restrictions extended to May 20

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced the extension of the travel restrictions and border crossings until May 20. This follows a mutual agreement between the United States and Canada that was reached approximately a month ago. It was decided to closed all border posts for nonessential crossings until April 20, including the one between British Columbia and Washington state. U.S. immigration will allow only essential travel across the border.

British Columbia residents will have to put shopping trips and visits to families across the border on hold. According to the agreement, rail and commercial vehicles will be allowed to ensure the availability of food, medicines and fuel on both sides of the border. While the U.S. travel restrictions to elsewhere in the world were imposed unilaterally, the closing of the U.S.-Canada border was a mutual agreement.

Furthermore, President Trump indicated the travel restrictions between his country and Canada would be the first to be lifted. He stated that the relationship between the United States and Canada is not the same as with other countries. Talks between the two countries are ongoing, and the lifting of travel restrictions will also happen upon mutual agreement.

British Columbia residents who need to travel south of the border are advised to consult with an experienced U.S. immigration lawyer before heading to the border post. A lawyer who is registered on both sides of the border will have the latest information about travel restrictions and other immigration-related matters. Legal counsel can answer all questions related to travels south of the border and help to avoid unnecessary problems when trying to cross the border.