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U.S. immigration: Vancouver residents affected by changed rules

The border line between Canada and the United States reportedly stretches over 4,000 miles. No other unprotected border of such a length exists on land anywhere else. Up to now, residents of Vancouver and other areas in Canada have been able to visit the United States relatively easily, and most of them do not require visas. However, changes have taken place around U.S. immigration, and many Canadians have reported the refusal to enter into the United States in recent months.

Some of the victims of the border officers of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection include a group of church volunteers. This group was turned away when they tried to cross the border on their way to New Jersey. Canadian nurses who are employed by a Detroit hospital were also unable to report for duty because they were stopped from crossing into the U.S.

Some organisations like the Girl Guides of Canada have cancelled scheduled field trips to spare the children the experience of being turned away at the border. Officials of the CBP claim the number of Canadian citizens who are refused entry is insignificant. A spokesperson said only 7,000 people of the 13 million who reported to border posts since October were denied entry.

To avoid unpleasant experiences at the Canada-U.S. border crossing points, it might be a good idea to seek the support of an attorney in Vancouver who works on issues related to U.S. immigration. An attorney who is registered to work on both sides of the border would likely provide the most efficient assistance. With guidance from a lawyer who knows the latest applicable laws, the transit into the United States may be smooth.

Source:, “Canadians report more scrutiny and rejection at U.S. border checkpoints“, Joel Rose, March 29, 2017