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US immigration visa requirements for those with special skills

British Columbia individuals with extraordinary achievements or abilities need special visas to enter the United States. To comply with U.S. immigration laws, individuals who accompany these exceptionally talented people as assistants, and also their spouses and children, need special visas. These are classified as O nonimmigrant visas, and are subdivided according to the unique skills of the visa applicants.

Anyone with extraordinary abilities in the fields of education, sciences, athletics or business must apply for an O-1A visa. If the individual has an assistant that plays an integral part in the extraordinary activity of the O-1A visa applicant, that person must apply for an O-2 visa. Those with extraordinary achievements or abilities in the television or motion picture industry will need an O-1B visa to perform in the United States, and his or her assistant must play an essential part in the completion of the planned production to be eligible for an O-2 Visa.

O-3 visas are those that are available for the spouses and children of the O-1A, O-1B and O-2 visa applicants or holders. One of the eligibility criteria for O-1 visas is the demonstration of national or international acclaim for the extraordinary achievement or ability. Furthermore, the planned trip to the United States must be to continue or further work related to the unique ability, and the stay in the U.S. must be temporary.

British Columbia citizens with such abilities or achievements might have questions about the other criteria for eligibility. An experienced U.S. immigration lawyer can provide answers and explain the requirements related to the level of expertise and achievements. A lawyer can also provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the application process in pursuit of a smooth and uncomplicated border crossing.