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US immigration: What is an E2 Treaty Investor visa?

Owners of companies in British Columbia who want to grow their businesses in the United States have different options. However, seeking answers on Google might be frustrating because the online information could be outdated, and it is often inconsistent. An experienced U.S. immigration lawyer can provide valid solutions and explain the available options — one of which is an E2 Treaty Investor visa.

It is a visa for non-immigrants who have a business in Canada that already has an established association with U.S. business partners. Holders of E2 visas are allowed to work and live in the United States while they conduct international business. One of the requirements for obtaining this visa is a significant investment that the foreign business must have made in the United States before applying for the E2 Treaty Investor visa.

Further requirements include the need for the company to be active with business and the people working there. The foreign owner must create employment for himself or herself and also for U.S. citizens. Based on this, an owner of a business that passively deals with stocks and bonds will likely not qualify. Also, before the application for the E2 visa can be filed, the business must be registered under the E2 Treaty investor plan.

Navigating this process and gathering the necessary paperwork can be a daunting task. However, anyone who has a British Columbia law firm that deals with U.S. immigration on a daily basis in his or her corner may find it less intimidating. The lawyer can navigate the entire process and make sure all requirements are met.

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