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US immigration’s online green card service has restrictions

People from British Columbia who have made the United States their home will know the importance of always carrying a valid green card. However, making mistakes in the renewal process is common, and it could cause significant problems. Without valid renewals, re-entry into the United States might be problematic. U.S. immigration announced that green cards can now be renewed online, but even that process can be challenging.

U.S. immigration officials urge people to apply for the renewal of their green cards at least six months before they expire because even the slightest mistake can cause significant delays. Applications can now be made online, but the service is not available for all. It involves opening an account and then submitting Form I-90, which is the application to replace a green card.

Restrictions make some immigrants ineligible to use this service. No one who wants to remove conditions on permanent resident status because the temporary green card was obtained through marriage will be allowed to do it online. The fees for the service is $450, and those who can’t afford it will not be able to request the cost to be waived online, even if they can demonstrate that they are unable to pay. Immigrants whose green cards were never received or contained administrative errors will also be ineligible to make online applications.

One way to make sure that the application process for renewal of a green card is smooth and without delays is to utilize the services of a British Columbia lawyer licensed to practice in the United States. Legal counsel with experience in dealing with all aspects of U.S. immigration can provide valuable support and guidance. A lawyer can assist with the application, the preparation of supporting documents and the process of providing fingerprints and other biometric data.