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Why is US immigration handing more border bans to Canadians?

A television network reportedly obtained information that shows an increase of 300% in the number of bans handed out at border posts in 2019 compared to 2018. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Seattle field office issued 65 expedited removal orders during August 2019, while only nine Canadians were issued bans during August 2018. U.S. immigration offers no explanation for the significant increase.

A Canadian man who had a summer job at a resort in British Columbia shared his experience with U.S. border patrol. Due to the seasonal high rentals in Osoyoos where he worked, he chose to stay rent-free with his girlfriend’s parents just south of the border in Washington state. His daily commute took no longer than 30 minutes in each direction, including the border crossing. He says he had pleasant conversations with border guards during the twice-daily crossings.

However, after eight weeks of hassle-free border crossings, he was heading home at the end of a 10-hour shift. This time he was ordered to go inside, where the border officials questioned him for approximately five hours. The questioning concluded at about 4 a.m. when he was handed an expedited removal, banning him from entering the United States for five years. Although no proper explanation was provided, the man believes the fact that he lived rent-free with his girlfriend’s parents indicated that he did not intend to return to live in Canada.

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