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Winter tires could prevent cross-border personal injury claims

According to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, 65% of drivers nationwide, including British Columbia, fit their vehicles with winter tires. They do this regardless of whether they drive in areas with or without snow. A survey showed that more and more drivers realize that winter tires’ tread patterns allow better control while driving and reduce crash risks. It might even prevent accidents that could lead to cross-border personal injury claims.

The survey also showed an increase in winter tires use in all provinces and territories, except Quebec, where fitting winter tires are not optional but compulsory under law. Of all the survey participants who use winter tires, 81% indicated that their tires saved them when they faced a loss of control or collision threats. The Association believes this to be the reason for the increase in winter tire use.

However, of all the drivers who replied that they do not use winter tires, 27% said the cost of winter tires is too high. Another 30% indicated that it was not worth the effort and expense because they seldom drive during winter months. Furthermore, 65% responded that they feel all-season tires are safe enough for winter driving.

Other results of the survey that are worth mentioning are the winter tire usage in areas outside Quebec. Along with drivers in provinces used to driving in snow, such as Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 60% of British Columbia drivers use winter tires. Other results included Ontario with 66% and Alberta with 59%. Vancouver residents who have valid reasons to venture south of the border might find using winter tires can save them from crash injuries and cross-border personal injury lawsuits and insurance claims.