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Washington Immigration Attorneys

At Border Solutions Law Group, we are licensed to practice law in both the United States and Canada. Our Washington immigration attorneys have knowledge of each jurisdiction’s particular requirements for citizenship and visa applications, and more. Whatever your immigration needs, contact us today to learn how our team of Washington immigration attorneys may be of service to you.

US Green Card Applications

Green cards are a highly sought-after direct immigrant visa with which a person gains permanent resident status in the United States. The process of obtaining one can be lengthy and challenging. If everything goes smoothly, a Canadian citizen applying for a US green card can expect the process to take between 12 and 24 months.

At Border Solutions Law Group, our Washington immigration attorneys are versed in the steps required to prepare and file a US green card application. We also recognize that sometimes a different path may be better suited to an individual’s needs regarding immigration, such as pursuing a work visa instead of embarking on the green card application process.

At your first consultation, we will clarify your particular circumstances, and provide insights into alternatives to a green card, should this be relevant. Contact us today to book a consultation and see what may best suit your needs.

Canadian Permanent Residency

Canada’s path to permanent residency includes a points-based system for skilled workers to apply for Express Entry. This process often involves proving language skills, work experience, and education. Applicants may apply while living within or outside of Canada.

There are several pathways to immigration to Canada. When you meet with our Canadian immigration attorneys, we can discuss your particular circumstances, and help determine which may be right for you. Pathways include:

  • Canadian Experience Class: for applicants with skilled work experience in Canada
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: for applicants with skilled work experience outside of Canada
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program: for applicants qualified in a skilled trade
  • Family Class Programs: for applicants sponsored by family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Provincial Nominee Programs: for applicants aiming to live and work in a specific province or territory
  • And more

Whether you are looking to immigrate or apply for a work permit in Canada, our team of Washington immigration attorneys would be happy to talk through your situation and offer insights into what course of action may best suit your needs. With an understanding of the many requirements of an Express Entry application, we may be able to help you prepare and strengthen your application.

Corporate Immigration

Many of our clients at Border Solutions Law Group are multinational corporations looking for assistance with cross-border access for their workers. Whether this means American workers coming to Canada or Canadians traveling to the US for work, we can handle immigration and work visa applications in both directions.

The US and Canada are engaged in free trade agreements, including the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA in the United States, CUSMA in Canada). With thorough knowledge of USMCA and other relevant agreements, our team of Washington immigration attorneys may be able to help you strategize in your work visa applications.

We understand the many legal pathways available to corporate workers, and are committed to providing clear, efficient service to our clients. Our priority is to provide knowledge and insight to our clients, so that they may make informed decisions. 

Whether you are applying for a green card to the US, Express Entry to Canada, a temporary work visa, student visa, entry waiver, or more, book a consultation with our Washington immigration attorneys today and learn what we can do for you.

Inadmissibility and Record Suspension

Being denied entry into either the United States or Canada can be a frustrating challenge. Our Washington/British Columbian immigration attorneys have the skills to help.

A common reason for a person being denied entry into Canada or the United States is the possession of a criminal record. If you have a criminal record in either country, contact our team at Border Solutions Law Group to book a consultation. We will talk through the particulars of your case, and offer insights into paths toward suspending your record, or other ways we might resolve your immigration issue.

Another common reason for inadmissibility may be a misunderstanding at the border. It is important that you understand your immigration status and immigration eligibility. If a border guard has denied you entry into the United States or Canada, contact us to discuss the matter, and clarify what your options might be for gaining lawful entry.

Contact Our Washington Immigration Attorneys Today for a Consultation

Whatever your immigration matter, our immigration attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of both Canadian and US immigration law. We are happy to address your questions and concerns, and offer insights into how we might be of service to you. 

From work visa applications to pathways toward citizenship, our team is dedicated to helping clients navigate immigration systems with confidence and clarity. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.