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Back to lockdown rules for crossing the border into Canada

The Canada Border Services Agency recently announced that new border measures were implemented on Dec. 21. Those travelling into or returning to Canada will still need to be aware of it and understand their obligations before making any travel arrangements. Regardless of how long they have been away, travellers to British Columbia or other provinces or territories must undergo pre-entry molecular testing before arrival. 

Border Control will no longer accept tests taken in Canada. Thus, travellers must undergo a pre-entry test in the country from which they wish to enter Canada. Any test taken more than 72 hours prior to arriving at the border control will not be valid, nor will Antigen or “rapid tests” be valid. 

Exemptions for British Columbia residents

British Columbia residents will not be required to show results of a pre-entry test if they are fully vaccinated and returning to British Columbia after an absence of fewer than 24 hours. However, these exemptions will only apply to those who enter the United States by land for purposes of purchasing goods or accessing services. Exemptions will also apply to unvaccinated children younger than 12 years if they cross the border accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent, stepparent, guardian, tutor or someone with a vaccination contraindication. 

British Columbia residents should note that the exemptions apply to those who travel south of the border for purchasing goods or accessing services and return immediately afterwards without making any unnecessary stops. Therefore, attending social events, visits or functions will not be eligible for exemption from the prearrival testing regulations. If in doubt, travellers may benefit from professional advice to ensure they are eligible for reentry into British Columbia and meet all the requirements before embarking on a trip across the border.