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Can I come back to Canada after being asked to leave?

If you or someone you love receives a removal order, you can be quite scared about what this means for you, your family and your future. 

However, know that in some cases, parties can return to Canada after removal.

What type of removal order is it?

Whether you may return to Canada or not depends on the reason for your removal and the type of removal order you receive.

Departure order

If you committed a non-serious violation, you could receive a departure order. Per the terms of this order, you must leave Canada within 30 days.

If you comply with this order and you confirm your departure at a Port-of-Exit, you may be able to re-enter through standard procedures at a Port-of-Entry. 

Failure to comply with these procedures could mean your departure order becomes a deportation order.

Deportation Order 

A deportation order requires you to leave Canada and bans you from re-entry for life.

That said, if you violate a departure order or receive a deportation order for criminal allegations or human rights violations, you may still have options. You can submit an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) to apply for permission to re-enter.

Exclusion order

If your removal stems from a violation of immigration law, you might receive an exclusion order. This order requires you to leave by a specific deadline and stay out of Canada for at least one year. If a violation is severe, this restriction can be as long as five years.

After the appropriate time has passed, you can apply to re-enter Canada. If you want to return before then, you must submit an ARC. 

Avoid mistakes to preserve your option for re-entry

Receiving removal orders of any type can be stressful and upsetting. However, in many cases, re-entry can be possible, barring any missteps on your part.

Complying with the rules, notifying the appropriate parties of your exit and completing the necessary paperwork will all be crucial if you wish to return after removal.

Talking to an attorney about appealing a removal order can also be something to consider.

Whether a removal order means separating you from the family, job, life or safety you might have here in Canada, there is a lot at stake. Knowing your options can help you protect that which is most important to you.