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Cross-border personal injury claim at trampoline park dismissed

On a recent Saturday, a 46-year-old British Columbia man suffered a fatal injury at the Extreme Air Park in Richmond. This man’s family may pursue financial relief through the British Columbia civil justice system. However, such claims may be significantly more complicated when it involves a cross-border personal injury claim.

Such was the case in 2013 when a Washington State businessman suffered severe injuries when he visited the same park. It was during February of that year when he and his family were enjoying a day at the entertainment facility. Reportedly, he suffered several fractures and dislocated joints when he landed on the supporting metal frame of the trampolines. The defendants denied the claims the following year, and by the end of 2015, an order to dismiss the claim was filed.

Other than dealing with the laws and insurance providers solely in British Columbia, cases in which personal injury lawsuits involves the statutes of the jurisdictions of two countries can be significantly more challenging. When it involves a fatality, such as in the recently reported incident in Richmond, the case could be even more complicated. Fortunately, help is available for victims of incidents that cause injuries while they are visiting British Columbia from south of the border.

They may find comfort in learning that an experienced British Columbia lawyer who focuses on protecting the rights and the interests of cross-border personal injury victims is available. A lawyer can navigate the complex legalities of a civil lawsuit while dealing with the laws of both jurisdictions. With such support and guidance, the victim might avoid an outcome such as having the claim dismissed.

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