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Insurance Coverage Across Borders

Many people can agree that it’s always a good idea to take a break and go on a vacation. With that being the case, you want to make sure if you are planning a road trip, that your auto insurance provides you with coverage across borders.

Insurance is important for you to have in the event that you are involved in a motor vehicle accident across borders. If you suffer severe injuries, such as brain damage or spinal cord damage, it’s important that you have the financial resources to cover your expenses, both medical and personal, while you recover.

If you have questions about pursuing compensation for injuries suffered in the U.S., its best advised that you consult with a personal injury lawyer experienced in cross-border accident claims. He or she will be able to identify your legal rights, and how to negotiate with an insurance company for fair and reasonable compensation.

As listed on the Insurance Company of British Columbia website, your auto insurance provides you with coverage in the U.S. However, there may be some other criteria that needs to be met in order for this coverage to comply with foreign requirements.

You may need to make certain amendments to your auto insurance policy in terms of vehicle or licence registration requirements in the U.S. state that you are visiting or passing through. There are additional tips and considerations that may affect your insurance coverage, such as licence expiry, extra protections, and rental vehicle coverage if you are not using your own vehicle to drive.

It’s usually better to be safe than sorry, as you don’t want to find out you could have avoided paying for medical costs out of pocket because of a technicality. You may want to consult with your insurance company before you set out on a vacation across borders. If an accident occurs, and you are facing challenges obtaining compensation, consult with a personal injury lawyer to identify what legal options you have at your disposal.