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New passport law comes into effect this month in Canada

You might have heard something about the new passport law that goes into effect on Sept. 30. However, if you’re not aware of all the details, now is the time to learn.

All Canadians who have dual citizenship will need to have a valid Canadian passport in order to enter Canada by air before they can board their flight. A statement on the government’s website says, “A valid Canadian passport is the only reliable and universally accepted travel document that provides proof that you are a citizen and have the right to enter Canada without being subjected to immigration screening.”

This new requirement is known as an Electronic Travel Authorization. It was introduced earlier this year, but hasn’t been strictly enforced. Citizens have been encouraged to get a valid passport, but will be shown leniency until Sept. 30.

In the past, Canadians only had to show their foreign passports and a driver’s license or their citizenship card to prove that they were indeed Canadian citizens. Now they must show a valid Canadian passport (even a temporary one) or an emergency travel document. American-Canadian citizens and Americans can still use a valid U.S. passport to fly into Canada.

For those people who are having difficulties getting their passports, an immigration lawyer may be able to help. There can be significant difficulties when you try to enter into Canada or if you are already in the country and your paperwork is not in order. A lawyer’s guidance can prove invaluable in cases such as these and those involving green card applications, NEXUS appeals and much more.

Source: Global News, “Canada’s new passport requirements come into effect this month,” Adam Frisk, Sep. 01, 2016