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Speeding drivers risk lives of others to save a few minutes

Most speeding drivers in British Columbia and across Canada do so because they think travelling at high speeds saves time. That is a misconception because the time saved is typically insubstantial. In reality, they not only risk the lives of others, but they also risk landing in the hospital rather than arriving at their destinations.

The misperception

Travelling at the posted speed limit of 70 km/h to a destination that is 40 km away will take 34 minutes. Speeding drivers who travel the same distance at 80 km/h will reach the destination after 30 minutes. The question is whether saving four minutes is worth risking the lives of passengers, themselves and others who share the road with them. Reportedly, more than one-third of fatalities in crashes linked to speed in 2016 were not the speeding drivers.

Proper planning with enough time to reach the destination on time, without exceeding speed limits, will reduce crash risks. Sometimes, delays are inevitable and should be accepted as such. The goal is to get there safely rather than risk not arriving at all.

Potential financial consequences

The following are some of the consequences of trying to save 4 minutes:

  • Vehicle damage and repair costs
  • Demerits, fines and impoundment
  • Increased insurance premiums

Potential legal consequences

Speeding drivers might not consider the legal consequences of accidents resulting from their reckless or negligent driving. The British Columbia civil justice system allows injured victims of such accidents to file personal injury lawsuits to pursue recovery of damages. Similarly, if the speeding driver caused a fatal accident, the deceased victim’s surviving family members could pursue financial relief by filing a wrongful death claim.