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Month: July 2017

Fatal 2011 cross-border personal injury truck accident revisited

Jul 27, 2017 | Cross-border Personal Injury

In July 2011, an entire family on vacation in British Columbia was wiped out in a crash that involved a big rig in Kootenay National Park. An American family — parents and two daughters ages 9 and 11 — lost their lives when the driver of a semi-trailer failed to maintain control of his vehicle … Continue reading “Fatal 2011 cross-border personal injury truck accident revisited”

Cross-border employment immigration can be tricky

Jul 20, 2017 | U.S. Immigration

Many of the foreign workers in the United States come from British Columbia, and those whose jobs turn out to be permanent positions might want to apply for Green Cards. Applications for permanent residence through employment immigration are classified in three categories of preference. First preference workers are those immigrants with extraordinary abilities in the … Continue reading “Cross-border employment immigration can be tricky”

Cross-border personal injury claims may follow Amtrak derailment

Jul 6, 2017 | Cross-border Personal Injury

Amtrak reported that it is investigating an incident in which one of its trains derailed on a recent Sunday afternoon. Claims of cross-border personal injury may result, as the train travelled between Vancouver and a city in Oregon. Reportedly, the derailment occurred in Washington state. According to Amtrak officials, the derailment occurred when the locomotive … Continue reading “Cross-border personal injury claims may follow Amtrak derailment”