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US immigration to allocate additional H2-B visas

Some of the British Columbia residents who applied for a seasonal guest worker visas in 2019 were disappointed. The U.S. immigration limits the number H2-B visas it allocates each year. The annual cap is 66,000 visas made available for non-agricultural foreign workers, half of which are allocated in January for the first half of the fiscal year, and the remaining 33,000 are then allocated to applicants who will start work in the United States in the second half of the fiscal year.

ICBC changes will impact cross-border personal injury claims

On April 1, specific changes took effect in the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia car insurance regulations. These changes could severely impact the outcome of any claims that follow car accidents. It could be even more daunting to obtain benefits in a case of cross-border personal injury that happens while Vancouver residents are visiting Seattle or other destinations south of the border.

US immigration: Some Canadians are eligible for TN visas

Many British Columbia professionals engage in business activities across the border. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, certain professionals qualify for TN nonimmigrant permits. They are classified as NAFTA professionals under the U. S. immigration's specially created trade and economic relationship with Canada. TN visas allow eligible professionals to engage in business activities in the United States on a temporary permit.

Cross-border personal injury: TBI can be devastating

Many have studied the ways in which traumatic brain injuries affect victims. British Columbia motorists who were victims of crashes that were caused by TBI victims will know the adverse impact it had on their lives, especially in cases of cross-border personal injury accidents. Travelling across the border to Seattle is part of the lives of many Vancouver residents, and accidents can happen at any time.

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