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Denied long-term disability after a cross-border personal injury?

British Columbia residents who suffer debilitating injuries often find it challenging to secure long-term disability benefits. If a cross\-border personal injury caused the disability, the process could be even more difficult. Any accident in another country will involve laws and insurance companies from two jurisdictions, adding to the challenges.

US immigration: What is an E2 Treaty Investor visa?

Owners of companies in British Columbia who want to grow their businesses in the United States have different options. However, seeking answers on Google might be frustrating because the online information could be outdated, and it is often inconsistent. An experienced U.S. immigration lawyer can provide valid solutions and explain the available options -- one of which is an E2 Treaty Investor visa.

Visiting the U.S.? Which type of visa will you need?

Whether you are a British Columbia citizen who wants to travel across the border for temporary employment, to study or to visit, getting the paperwork done can be a daunting task. With frequent changes to U.S. immigration laws and visa requirements, it can be nearly impossible to understand all of the intricacies involved without professional assistance. Having the process simplified might improve your chances of a successful visa application.

How do big-rig drivers deal with cross-border personal injury?

Many commercial truck drivers that cross the border between British Columbia and Washington State are independent contractors. The fact that they are responsible for their own expenses in the event of an accident may create concern. Cross-border personal injury lawsuits can be challenging to navigate because a victim has to deal with the laws and insurance policies of two countries.

US immigration, Snowbirds and tax liability

British Columbia Snowbirds who intend to flee the Canadian winters in favour of warmer locales across the border and to the south may not realize that they might be obliged to pay taxes in the United States. The answers to these questions are complicated. For this reason, it might be a good idea to consult with a lawyer who is experienced in all matters related to U.S. immigration.

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