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Cross-border personal injury: Vancouver bus crash kills 2

Two students of a University in Canada lost their lives in a recent bus accident on Vancouver Island. One of them, an 18-year-old student, was a young man from the United States who enrolled at the university after graduating from high school this year. Losing a loved one in a crash is understandably traumatic, but when it involves cross-border personal injury or death, the entire matter becomes more complicated.

US immigration laws cap H-1B visa selections

Residents of British Columbia who want to work in the United States as nonimmigrants need H-1B visas, a U.S. immigration category that enables companies in the United States to recruit workers from other countries. Petitions must be specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. Unfortunately, the selections are capped, and many petitioners are unsuccessful each year. Notice of failed applications can take weeks to reach petitioners due to the large number of requests.

Cross-border personal injury: Herniated disc cause long-term pain

Car accidents can cause various types of injuries, including herniated discs. Any damage to the spine can cause long-term health problems. When it occurs during a trip between Vancouver and Seattle, legal and insurance issues could be complicated. Cross-border personal injury incidents often involve the laws of both countries, and dealing with claims could be daunting.

US immigration agents act against Canadians carrying CBD oil

Although cannabis was legalized in Canada last year, the government has issued repeated warnings against carrying any form of the drug when crossing the border into the United States. The recent actions of U.S. immigration agents against people carrying cannabidiol has led to lifetime bans. The subsequent reversal of one such ban has caused much confusion about the issue.

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