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Cross-border personal injury often caused by drunk driving

The Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addiction says the primary factor in most of the serious road accidents in Canada is drug and/or alcohol impairment. However, that threat does not stop at the border, and British Columbia residents who make frequent trips for shopping, live shows or other purposes south of the border may also be exposed to the dangers posed by impaired drivers. This typically leaves them with the challenges posed by pursuing recovery of monetary damages after cross-border personal injury incidents.

US immigration: Canada-US Preclearance agreement

British Columbia residents who plan to travel south of the border might have questions about the Canada-U.S. Preclearance Agreement that became effective earlier in the year. While it might ease the border crossing process for many Canadians, there are a few issues of which they should not lose sight. The agreement involves a preclearance screening for entry into the United States done on Canada's side of the border, preventing a long process when travellers get to the U.S. side of the border.

Negligence laws re cross-border personal injury claims

Day trips to Seattle for shopping or other purposes are part of the lives of many Vancouver residents. However, many of them might not realize how complicated matters can be if they are involved in car accidents while travelling south of the border. Cross-border personal injury claims may involve the negligence laws of Washington state.

US immigration's online green card service has restrictions

People from British Columbia who have made the United States their home will know the importance of always carrying a valid green card. However, making mistakes in the renewal process is common, and it could cause significant problems. Without valid renewals, re-entry into the United States might be problematic. U.S. immigration announced that green cards can now be renewed online, but even that process can be challenging.

Cross-border personal injury: Whiplash can cause long-term harm

A significant percentage of car accident victims suffer whiplash injuries as the result of the rapid movement of the head during a crash. The problem with these injuries is that they are often hidden, and if they are not diagnosed promptly, the consequences can cause long-term health problems. Sometimes, recovering damages could be a significant challenge. When such an accident occurs during a trip from Vancouver to Seattle, the case could be a lot more complicated if it involves a cross-border personal injury.

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