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Cross-border personal injury: Motorcyclists at higher risk

Reportedly, the average Canadian motorcyclist, including in British Columbia, is almost 14% more likely to have a fatal collision compared to other motorists. When such an accident occurs during a trip south of the border, damage recovery may include complicated legal and administrative procedures. Having to deal with cross-border personal injury claims is not likely to be without problems.

Drug impairment and cross-border personal injury claims

Although recreational use of cannabis is legal in British Columbia, it of course remains dangerous to drive while impaired by drugs. Drivers are advised to arrange for a designated driver to do the driving, a taxi or another safe transport option. Sadly, some cannabis users drive after using cannabis, and because recreational use of this drug is also legal in Washington state, Vancouver residents who travel to Seattle will be at risk of being involved in accidents caused by impaired drivers. If this happens south of the border, complicated cross-border personal injury issues may come into play.

Driving while drowsy as dangerous as drunk driving

Safety authorities recommend that drivers should get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Those who miss one to two hours of sleep are twice as likely to be involved in car accidents. British Columbia residents who travel to Seattle or another destination south of the border might be exposed to the dangers posed by drowsy drivers. When this happens, they will have to deal with legal and insurance issues, which can be more complicated when it involves cross-border personal injury.

Cross-border personal injury claim can follow visual distraction

Some British Columbia drivers do not realize that using a mobile phone causes visual distraction that could end in a serious or even deadly car accident. Authorities compare visual distractions with driving while blindfolded or with closed eyes. Anyone who is injured while travelling south of the border will likely have to deal with the complications of cross-border personal injury claims if they decide to seek damage recovery.

Cross-border personal injury: Truck awareness can save lives

When British Columbia residents travel across the border, they will likely share the road with big rigs. Road Safety BC says that the sheer size and weight differences between cars and commercial trucks put car occupants at four times higher risk of suffering fatal injuries in the event of a collision with a big rig. When this involves cross-border personal injury, recovering damages could be a complicated process.

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